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Even the road leading to the sanctuary is paved with delight, or in our case it is rather tiled by means of a wall masterpiece, from which Bacchus, the God of Wine casts his glance on us, who is surrounded by the portrait of the parents of the viticulturist never letting to forget their long ago seen figure.

The inebriatingly seasoned, intense scent of the bottles of fruit nectar lined up in the cellar, the cork and the wine cellar mould blend, which is feelable even from a great distance. You must feel it too..., and of course seeing the vaults speaks for itself too.

Our Niveau prize winner wines:
Kékfrankos 1997 - The best Kékfrankos of the town of Sopron in 2000
Kékfrankos 2000 – The best Kékfrankos of the town of Sopron in 2001
Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique 2003 – The best red wine of Sopron and the county

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