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...where would a better place be for having one or two glasses of wine, than at one of the highest spots of Sopron, a few metres away from the wonderful view, which does not only present the whole town with the robust roofing of the fire watch tower, but in clear weather it eye blindingly reveals the ranges of Schneeberg too. The place is of historical importance; our ancestors might also have clink glasses here.... This is a coronation hill.

The Prinyő wine house has been welcoming not only the wine lovers, but also the guests longing for peacefulness, relaxation and intimate, homey atmosphere. There are two non smoking rooms and one smoking room holding up to 120 guests. It is an ideal place for wine-tasting with cellar visit, gatherings, school reunions, company meetings and family events. The paintings of the painter, Milkós FARAGÓ on the ceiling, the walls and the windows are the point of interest, to which the soul warming wines of Sopron along with a tasty dinner provide worthy atmosphere.

What not only calms the soul, but fills the hungry stomach too...

Our food...
...with good wine
Cooked and smoked knuckle with home-made vinegary horseradish with boiled eggs and bread
Cabernet sauvignon barrique
Pig feast cold cuts
Home-made roast meet sausage
Cabernet sauvignon
Cheese plate
Sauvignon blanc
Hot sandwich
Kékfrankos rosé
Bread and drippings

Opening hours: 03 PM – 11 PM (on Monday: 03 PM – 09 PM)
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +36 99 334042
Mobil: +36 20 4673873, +36 20 9726753

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